My Picks: Nautical Accessories

by Jen White

Nautical Accessories

Nautical Accessories by styleandsunshine. Click the image to see the product details!

The style I can’t get enough of right now is nautical. It’s most definitely one of the easiest color combinations to style: red, white and navy always look good together. With these accessories, it’s all about balance. You wouldn’t want to wear five different things that had navy and white stripes, so when you’re styling a nautical outfit (or room), choose a standout focus and then pair it with simple pieces that will let it shine. For example, the wedges here would look best with white capris and a simple navy tank or tee with some gold jewelry (or the red anchor earrings above at the most) – there’s no need to get crazy! (Although I will admit, keeping things simple is a lot easier than it sounds).

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