Weekly Sunshine: No Time to Be Bored

by Jen White


by Jen White

One thing I need to constantly remind myself is to appreciate the little things in life. It’s easy to feel frustrated and upset (especially when you’re stuck in the never-ending doom tunnel that is I4 traffic), but what I tell myself in times like that is to focus on the things that are beautiful in the world. I have this book, 14,000 Things To Be Happy Aboutthat sits right by my bed every night and that I try to flip through every now and then. I definitely suggest checking it out!

In times when you’re bored or frustrated, or really feeling any negative emotion, just trying to see beauty in the things around you will help. It won’t solve your problems or make you feel 100%, but I can promise you that if you get into the habit of doing that, you’ll be able to calm yourself down more easily.

In the words of this adorable Kate Spade bangle, stop and smell the roses!

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