My Picks: Kate Spade New York

by Jen White

Kate Spade Accessories

Kate Spade Accessories by styleandsunshine. Click the image to see the product details!

If there’s one brand that embraces everything I love about fashion, it’s Kate Spade New York. It is 100% impossible to walk into a Kate Spade store and not crack a smile. Everything about this brand is classy, upbeat and colorful, which is what I strive to emanate in every outfit I put on. It’s my all-time favorite store to visit when I’m at the outlets – they usually will have “everything in the store 50% off” deal going plus a “40% one bag” coupon, which really helps out with the super expensive prices (I can hardly afford the marked down prices let alone the original retail prices!) I most definitely recommend waiting for things to go on sale, even if you think they never will. I waited a year to buy a Kate Spade coat that I fell in love with, then bought it at a heavily discounted price when I stumbled across it at the outlets.

These pieces are only a few of the many many adorable accessories that Kate Spade designs. It’s so easy to just put on a simple white dress then grab some classy bow earrings and a statement necklace to dress it up. These items, although expensive, are such good quality that I most definitely believe that they’re worth the (sale) price. I recently got that blue flower necklace and can’t wait to pair it with some jean capris and a plain white tee. The phone case above is going to be the next case I buy because, I mean, it matches my blog!

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