The Liebster Award!

by Jen White

leibsterawardHey all! I couldn’t be more excited to share with you all that the lovely Bre from the adorable blog HellboundinHeels nominated me for the Liebster award for new bloggers! I am honored, and so excited to find new ways to connect with the other bloggers in the fashion community.

The Liebster Award Rules:

1. Thank and link to the person who nominated you and display the Liebster Award
2. State the Liebster Award rules
3. Give 11 random facts about yourself
4. Answer the 11 questions given to you
5. Nominate 11 blogs with less than 200 followers
6. Give them 11 questions to answer
7. Let the bloggers know you’ve nominated them!

Questions Bre asked me:

1. Describe yourself in 3 words.
Bubbly, empathetic, and Type A (that’s four words, but who’s counting?)

2. Now, ask someone close to you to describe you in 3 words. What do they say?
Sweet, pretty, kind

3. What is the most recent book you read?
The Fault in Our Stars – it’s one of my favorites and I read it every now and then. And the movie was fantastic!

4. What is left on your Summer bucket list?
My boyfriend and I made a really long bucket list at the beginning of the summer, so I’ll just include a few of the things we hope to do before he has to go back to school mid-August: make pizza from scatch, go to Rock Springs and float down the river in a tube, watch the top 30 movies of the 2000s

5. What is your go-to, holy grail nail polish color?
Strawberry Margarita by OPI – I couldn’t live without this color.

6. Describe a time when you felt the most beautiful.
It was most definitely at my sorority’s most recent spring formal. My boyfriend flew to Chicago from Orlando after being away for study abroad in Morocco for over 5 months. I hadn’t seen him in so long and it was so exciting to get all dressed up and finally be with him at an event.

7. What inspires you?
I find inspiration in pretty much anywhere – but mainly the boring places like Pinterest and Instagram. I’m trying to follow as many fashion bloggers as I can on Instagram  to get inspiration from what they like to post.

8. What is your newest obsession?
Aaah I have so many! I love pom pom shorts, bright pink lipstick, thick strapped flats (check out my post on them here!), monograms (I have a few things in the mail that I’m so excited to share with you guys). That’s only the beginning of it!

9. What trend are you wishing would go away?
I saw Emma Watson wearing only one earring. One. Not cute. I’m not a fan.

10. Who is your style icon?
Carly Heitlinger from The College Prepster! (She’s my idol and one of the reasons that I started this blog).

11. What are you hoping to gain from your individual blogging experience?
I hope to be able to inspire both myself and everyone who finds their way here! I want to be able to share my outfits with people and record them for myself so I can see how my style changes over the years. I mainly just want to spread some sunshine around, whether or not thousands of people find this blog or only one.

11 Facts About Me

1. I think I found my soulmate in my boyfriend’s dog. He’s a black lab, is literally so happy all the time, just wants to cuddle, and needs to be around people constantly. We’re pretty much the same person.

2. I bite my nails all the time, but I’m working on trying to break that habit! I want my nails to look nice for the blog.

3. I’m really into probably the nerdiest card game ever, Magic: The Gathering. My boyfriend got me into it, and we try to go to Friday Night Magic at local game shops whenever we can.

4. I have a pretty cool Juicy Couture charm collection that started off in high school and just built up from there. I should really make a post about it sometime.

5. I love vacuuming. Love. I have a mini vacuum at school and I vacuum my floor almost every day. There’s nothing like walking around on a spotless floor.

6. Sometimes I can’t sleep at night unless all of the drawers in my closet and dresser are closed. I don’t even know.

7. Just like Bre, my eyes can change color based on the light and what I’m wearing. Sometimes they’re blue, sometimes they’re green. Nobody has ever been able to give me a straight answer on that.

8. I’m really bad at sleeping in places that aren’t my own bed. I get terrified of not sleeping well and then that causes me to not sleep well. It’s an endless cycle.

9. The number one, hands down thing that I do to cheer myself up is shop. I love shopping at my local mall, which I know like the back of my hand. It’s my happy place. Judge me.

10. I’m probably the world’s biggest worry wart. I worry when there’s a problem and I worry when there isn’t a problem (usually that something bad will happen). I wish I was an optimist, but I get anxious about the worst possible scenario too often.

11. My natural hair color is dirty blonde, but last summer I made the plunge and decided to go bright blonde. I’m still in love with it.


This is what my hair looked like back in junior high! I look like a different person.

I’m supposed to nominate 11 other new blogs, but I’m so new at this that I don’t really know who else is out there yet! You can check out Bre’s post to see who she nominated and go check out their blogs, they’re pretty awesome. I may update this later if I find some other new bloggers like me.

Once again, thank you Bre for nominating me and being so kind and supportive! I am so excited to see where your blog goes and I’m so happy I’m not alone in this little journey!

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