Currently Crushing: Monograms

by Jen White

Monogram Obsession

Monogram Obsession by styleandsunshine. Click the image to see the product details!

If there’s one trend that could define my entire summer – it’s most definitely the monogram trend. My friend Kendall referred me to Marley Lilly a few months ago, and it is now one of my favorite sites. There’s just something about having a personalized piece of clothing or jewelry that is so attractive to me.

I started making monogrammed canvases last summer for my room in my sorority house, and since then my love for them has taken off. A few weeks ago, I caved and bought myself a gold script monogram necklace and a 2-foot wooden cutout that I can paint for my room next year (I’m living in Alpha Phi again, and I’ll most definitely make a post when I paint it!). My most recent purchase was a white fleece vest with a gold script monogram on the left side (I can’t wait to make a post with it at school!) I am so excited to wear it in the fall – it’s going to go with everything. I’ll have such a difficult time not wearing it every day!

A cool way that you can create your own monogrammed items is by going to JoAnn’s and getting just regular wooden letters and painting them with different patterns. I’m checking out some Lilly Pulitzer prints that I want to use – I found the most adorable Florida print ever the other day – and I’ll let you guys in on my process when I sit down to paint!

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