Alert: J. Crew Factory Puffer Vests Are Back!

by Jen White

ATTENTION! Most likely due to popular demand, J. Crew Factory has brought back their quilted puffer vests, and I am overjoyed. These vests were all over Pinterest a year ago, and completely sold out. I don’t think even J. Crew understood how much demand they’d get for these vests. I managed to snag the herringbone one above at an outlet (they were completely sold out online) – after frantically calling every single store I could find in Orlando. They sold out soon after that!

But they’re BACK! And I couldn’t be happier about it! They now come in seven colors: Dark Navy, Olive Moss, Red Currant, Black, Herringbone, and Warm Bisque, and Camo. I’m most definitely ordering Warm Bisque, the light cream colored one. The red and navy are awesome, but I’m trying to stay away from colors so that I’ll get a lot more wear out of them.

On that note, I am so excited for fall. I go to Northwestern which is waaay up north in Chicago (far far away from my beautiful Orlando), but that gives me the opportunity to explore a whole other side of fashion – cold weather fashion! I’m missing my Tory Burch leather boots right about now… but you guys will hopefully get to see a lot of my northern wardrobe once I get back to school!

Until then…happy shopping!

Screen Shot 2014-07-27 at 5.35.03 PM

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