Things to Smile About

by Jen White

My happiest Pinterest board.

I believe that everyone deserves to have a little sunshine in their lives, thus the second half of my blog’s title. Sometimes it’s easy to get caught up in your problems – believe me when I say that I’m the queen of worrying.

One way I combat the stresses of everyday life is through my inspiration board – and what better place to inspire yourself than Pinterest? This board might have to be my favorite because it has a much looser theme than my others. Anything I see that makes me smile and doesn’t necessarily fit into any of my other boards, I put in here to look through when I’m having bad days.

I definitely encourage you guys to create inspiration boards like this – and they don’t have to be just online! My next DIY project is going to be creating a real-life version of this board for my room in my sorority house next year. I think it’s the perfect way to remind yourself of the things that make you happy.

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