Monochromatic Cat Party

by Jen White

Photos by Jen White

Photos by Jen White

cat leggings: “freegan” table at New College of Florida (someone didn’t want them, so Lara grabbed them for free) // suspender skirt: H&M // crop tee: H&M // sneaker wedges: Forever 21

Although this is a personal style blog (and a pretty preppy one at that), I absolutely love featuring my friends’ unique styles. Lara and I have been friends since junior high, when she was the new girl and I came at her with 100% friend power. She didn’t even really have a choice, and we’ve been super-close since. Lara and I love talking theatre, glitter, tumblr and avocados, and we really should start a homemade applesauce business (we’re pros).

I love Lara’s look here, and it really compliments her style quite well (cats). She usually likes to wear a lot (and i mean a lot) of florals and leggings, and just the other day she was sporting a dark green tank with printed floral flowy shorts( she looked adorable). Here’s what she has to say about her outfit:

“Today I became the monochromatic cat party that I was always meant to be. While Jen is a Florida girl who thrives in the year-round sunlight, I mostly just deny my surroundings and dress as if I don’t live in one of the hottest, most humid places. Tights in summer are risky in terms of things like heat stroke, but in terms of my higher priorities (wearing cats on my legs), they are the Best Choice. Fun fact: these shoes have avocado on them! Getting avocado on your clothing is almost certainly going to be the new trend of 2015. Fashion.”

Rumor has it that she’ll be rocking some lavender hair in the fall… maybe another guest post will be in order! If you need moar Lara in your life (and let’s face it, who doesn’t?) you can follow her on tumblr!








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