My Picks: Fuchsia

by Jen White

Fuchsia - I'm Obsessed!

Fuchsia – I’m Obsessed! by styleandsunshine. Click the image to see the product details!

I don’t have just one favorite color. It’s kind of awkward, because when people ask me (or I have to say it in an ice-breaker activity), I always blank and look like an idiot.

My favorite color changes from day to day, and currently, it’s fuchsia. There is probably no other color that is as happy and girly as this bright pink, and I’m working my wardrobe away from just blues, grays and whites to include more bright colors like this! I just bought myself an Old Navy fuchsia shift dress from Plato’s Closet (you guys will be able to see it soon!) and my nails are currently super super pink thanks to Essie.

This romper and these shorts are probably the most adorable things I’ve ever seen, and the bracelets and earrings (Kate Spade, I know, I’m sorry!) would make for such cute pops of color.

What are your favorite colors right now?

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