DIY “Live Colorfully” Letters

by Jen White

Photos by Jen White

Photos by Jen White

Hi all! In case anyone didn’t know yet… I’m a little obsessed with Kate Spade. As a graphic designer, I pay close attention to the design of their promotional materials – emails, web ads, and of course the design of their website. “Live Colorfully” is one of the brand’s most famous slogans, and it just makes me really happy. So, I decided to add a little Kate Spade color to my life as well.

I started off by searching for the font that the slogan is in – and realized that it’s just Futura! The “V” was manipulated to be pointy, but other than that, just plain old Futura (pretty sure it’s bold too). I designed myself a desktop background, slapped the Kate Spade logo on there, and voilà, a custom and very upbeat wallpaper for my laptop. Now every time I open my computer, I’m reminded to live every moment to its fullest potential.

When I was at Michaels’ the other day, I came across this bright colored cardstock and fell in love. I decided to buy it for myself and make a larger version of my desktop background for my room in my sorority house at school. I attacked the different colors with my ruler and scissors (while watching Sex in the City of course), and created the letter cutouts that you see above! I’m just going to tape them to my walls and have another beautiful reminder every time I walk into my room.

Kate Spade Wallpaper-01

This is the desktop background I designed, feel free to use it if you want!



The “R” took a lot of measuring to get perfect, but I did it!


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