Navy & Lace

by Jen White

Photos by Mark White

Dress: Forever 21 // necklace: The Limited // shoes: Steve Madden // bag: Vera Bradley // bow: I made it! // nails: Urban Outfitters // toes: Essie

Hi all! I wore today’s look as I was headed out the door to go over to Dylan’s house (my boyfriend). The look is super-girly (when am I not girly?) but also really comfy. I always have my big pink Vera in tow when I head to his house full of all of the necessities of hanging out with him: my Magic: The Gathering collection of cards and decks and comfy clothes to change into at night. Seriously, this summer has been all about Magic! We constantly play – it’s ridiculously fun and really exciting. It’s also pretty nerdy, but hey – I’m a nerd who loves fashion.

About this look: this dress was quite the find at Plato’s. I think it was $12, and it fits me like a glove. As someone with larger hips and a smaller waist, the A-line style works perfectly for my body. I love the pleats that go down into the skirt – this dress is so fun to twirl in! I added the necklace and bow for a little color (you can never go wrong with navy). Slipped on my new Steve Maddens and boom I was ready to go.

Dylan is back at school now, and it’s definitely a struggle going from seeing him all day every day to not at all. I have actually gotten a lot more productive since I’ve been keeping myself busy, and I’ve been working a lot on the fall merchandise designs for Alpha Phi in addition to other VP of Marketing duties (that I’d kind of been slacking on earlier). It feels really good to get solid work done, and it’s getting me so excited to go back to school for fall quarter!

Photos by Mark White








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