Weekly Sunshine: Choose to Shine

by Jen White

Designed by Jen White

Designed by Jen White

I know, I know, this week’s weekly sunshine post is a little late, but it’s for a good reason! I was with Dylan all weekend, and a little unable to sit down and design something nice for you guys. But it’s finally here!

It’s a simple one this week – and I’m happy about it. In the midst of everyone going back to school, preparing for my last year on campus at NU and watching the last few weeks of summer slip by, it’s easy to get anxious and nervous about the school year. It will be my first time taking a full load of classes since fall of last year (I’ve been interning like crazy for the past two quarters and over the summer) and I won’t be seeing Dylan until Thanksgiving, which is a solid three months from now.

But it’s also really easy to choose to be happy. My freshman year, I learned (the hard way) that it really is up to us to be happy, and I’ve tried to live with that in mind ever since. If we all just chose to “shine” rather than be down on ourselves or negative about our lives, where could we be and what could we be accomplishing? Just a little thing to think about this week!

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