My Picks: Pink & Preppy

by Jen White

Pink & Preppy

Pink & Preppy by styleandsunshine. Click the image to see the product details!

Since summer is rolling around to a close, I thought I’d do a little daydreaming of things that I would love to own but unfortunately don’t have enough money to buy. If I could pick one of the items I’ve included in this outfit, it would be the Kate Spade shoes (because they have a bow, of course!).

I wasn’t the preppiest girl growing up (I know, who would have thought!) but recently I’ve decided that it’s the style that fits me best. I’m a fan of order and cleanliness, and I feel that stripes and classic silhouettes (and bows) mirror that perfectly. Plus I just love pink, green, and orange and those colors all tend to go together rather well.

It’s funny how our styles can change through the years, isn’t it? I’ve recently been trying to buy less “trendy” things and more closet staples. I tend to go through a few months of loving something in my closet, and then selling it to Plato’s when I (inevitably) get tired of it, and I want the opposite to happen! I want to invest in my clothes and keep them for a really long time.

Not sure how “trendy” pink heels with bows are… but those will be in style forever, right? (;

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