Coral & Pinstripes

by Jen White

Photos by Susan White

Photos by Susan White

dress: Hollister // blazer: Plato’s Closet // purse: Dooney & Bourke // necklace: Plato’s Closet // shoes: Gianni Bini // sunglasses: Forever 21

Hey everyone! Happy hump day!

I started out this summer owning a grand total of 0 blazers, and now I’m starting to collect them (maybe one day I’ll have one in every color!) Working in an office environment was definitely an adjustment process for me. I didn’t really know what was expected, and soon realized that some of the things that I own can be a little (or a lot!) shorter than I thought. You guys can check it out on my Instagram, but mainly my outfits on the days I go in to work now include pencil skirts, nice jeans and lots of blazers.

But the question is, how can you wear those blazers on days when you want to be a little more casual? This look is one way I found to wear my new pinstripe blazer – over a cute orange Hollister dress I got from Plato’s. I haven’t always been a fan of orange, but in this bright color I couldn’t resist. This dress also makes for a cute bathing suit cover up – you can’t see in the photos but it’s strapless and has a little tie around the back.

My next challenge is to transition my blazers into fall – usually I opt for fuzzier things when it gets cold, but maybe we’ll see once I get back to school! I leave on September 16th, and I am counting down the days!






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