Weekly Sunshine: Take Time

by Jen White

by Jen White

by Jen White

Hi everyone!

Recently, I decided to buy myself a nice set of calligraphy pens. Because I love typography and art so much, I want to learn how to create those beautiful hand-made prints I see on Pinterest all the time. Every few days I sit down and practice – hopefully someday I’ll get good enough to start doing these Weekly Sunshine posts by hand!

The point is, it is so important to take small amounts of time out of our busy lives to do what makes us happiest. Because I’m still on summer break (I don’t go back to school until the 16th), I have a lot of me-time to do with as I please. But once I get back to school, life gets in the way and I find myself rushing to get a bite to eat in between classes, practice and meetings – there’s little to no time for me to sit down and be creative.

That’s part of the reason that I started this blog; I wanted a place where I could continue to write and create things outside of summer break, whether it be these quotes or outfits that I put together for you guys. Blogging really is relaxing for me, and I would 100% say that it makes my soul happy. And I’m definitely going to make time for it even when my life gets hectic.

Of course, one thing I know as a Northwestern student is what it’s like to be stressed. There is not one person at NU who is relaxed all of the time, I can promise you that. I definitely think that we all need to slow down sometimes, take a breather and take some time for ourselves. You love swimming but never have the time? Schedule it in, and go do it even if nobody can go with you.

I am going to make time for photo shoots (I already have an amazing photographer lined up to help me out in the fall, you guys are going to love her work!), sitting down and writing great content for this blog, creative projects that I dream up when I’m not paying attention in class, and of course quality Skype time with Dylan. Knowing that I have those things to look forward to always adds a little calm to my life, even on the most stressful days.

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