Jewel Tones At The Beach

by Jen White

Photos by Jen White

Photos by Jen White

dress: Tobi // shoes: Sophie & Trey // necklace: Groupon

Hello all!

I have a couple more outfit posts to do for you before I launch into fall style (in full force!)  This is my beautiful best friend Marci, and I am so excited to feature her on the blog! This and the next shoot you guys will see were done at Marci’s beach house at New Smyrna Beach over Labor Day weekend.

Marci’s style is definitely different from mine – she loves classic silhouettes and deep jewel tones like navy and dark red (they match her hair so well). This emerald dress is so fun; it’s classy and polished but has some personality with the deep cross back. Marci carries that theme into the rest of the outfit with her super-high thick-strapped criss cross wedges, which look as comfortable as they do high-class.

That weekend was amazing, and it seems like just yesterday we were hanging out on the beach reading our Cosmos and talking about how crazy it is that we’re both juniors this year (where has college gone??). Marci and I have known each other since seventh grade, so we’ve been through it all together (and by all, I mean gaucho pants, braces, middle school drama, and the Aeropostale phase. We’ve all been there). She’s a junior at the University of Florida (GO GATA) and is doing awesome things as a Telecommunications major. Marci is the brunette to my blonde (and probably the most hilarious person I’ve ever met. Dylan and I want her to get her own sassy comedy show).





This is Marci’s dog Savannah (but really Nanners), who is generally adorable and loves tennis balls.


Life updates: So much has happened since I last posted! I’ve completely moved in to my Alpha Phi for my second year living there and my junior year of school at NU! I’m graduating two quarters early after I go on my Journalism Residency, which means that this is my last year physically on campus taking classes. Which is the weirdest thing in the world.

Classes haven’t started yet (they start on Tuesday) but I’ve read over my syllabi and I’m so excited to get started. I’m taking a lot of gender studies-type classes this quarter in addition to a journalism class called Media Design, which is totally up my alley – I’m so excited about it.

I’m also really pumped to continue taking pictures and doing posts on this blog! I am promising myself and you guys right now that I won’t let it get away from me – I have lots of free time at school and I’m going to really stay on top of things so I have lots of time to create awesome content for you guys. I have a new photographer (my friend Alix) who works with me on STITCH (NU’s fashion magazine – check out our latest issue! I’m one of the design editors and I did a LOT of the spreads in it!:

I hope all you NU students moved in smoothly and are excited about the first week of classes! See you around!

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