Weekly Sunshine: Be Bold

by Jen White

Designed by Jen White

Designed by Jen White

Hey guys!

This week’s Weekly Sunshine post is simple but meaningful. This is my last year on campus at NU, and I want to be able to look back on my college experience and know that I did everything I wanted to do. This doesn’t mean stretching myself too thin and trying to go to every single event or be involved in as many activities as possible (freshmen, listen up!). It means giving 100% to the activities and relationships I already have, because as sad as it is, this is my last year being in such close proximity to so many things I love to do and people I love to be with.

To me, being bold isn’t about being the center of attention. It’s not about having the craziest experiences, or “going out with a bang.” To me, being bold is about not being afraid to fail, which sounds like the simplest thing to do but really isn’t. I (and a lot of people) have the tendency to limit ourselves to our comfort zones and not put ourselves out there as much, especially when we know we’ll be leaving soon. This year I don’t want to do that – I want to look back on my junior (senior, really) year of college and know that I kicked ass and accomplished the things that I wanted to accomplish.

So that is my challenge to you all this fall – if you want something (like a few summer internships I’m eyeing) then go for it. If it doesn’t work out, at least you know that you tried and didn’t sit back and limit yourself before you even knew the outcome.  I know this sounds like such a cliché, but it really is more difficult to live out daily than I ever thought.

To all you NU students, I hope you have an amazing fall quarter!

P. S. I’m doing my first fall shoot for the blog this morning! Look out for my fall style posts and instas!

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