Cable Knit & Herringbone

by Jen White

Photos by Alix Kramer

Photos by Alix Kramer

Leggings: Forever 21 // sweater: Ralph Lauren (via Plato’s Closet) // vest: J. Crew // boots: Plato’s Closet // bag: C. Wonder // necklace: Etsy // nails: Essie in “Bahama Mama”

This is the moment I’ve been waiting for: my first fall style post! Since I’ve been back on campus I’ve aggressively dressed for the fall – this means full on sweater/vest/leggings/boots and everything in between. Unfortunately (or fortunately!) it has been pretty warm during the days here, so I’ve ended up getting too hot in the middle of the day with my fall getup on!

This is one look that is going to work for me a little later on in the fall once it gets a bit chillier. I found this sweater two summers ago while I was working at Plato’s, and grabbed it for around $16 (obviously waaay way cheaper than the MSRP). The vest I found at the J. Crew Factory Outlet near my house back home in Orlando after frantically calling every store I could reach. It pretty much goes with everything (and is in really high demand after they restocked it this year) so I’m glad I snagged it when it first came out.


I paired the sweater and vest with one of my favorite pairs of leggings from Forever 21 – they’re embellished with small gold dots (not sequins) that don’t fall off in the wash! I’m always looking for ways to wear cute bottoms during the winter (y’all will see… I have a problem with wearing my black Lululemon leggings way too often).


I chose my leather booties that I found at Plato’s, my simple gold monogram necklace and my Kate Spade gold pretzel earrings to finish up the look. This outfit has a lot going on in the main pieces so I wanted the jewelry to be a little more understated.


My pride and joy this year (also my happy-junior-year gift to myself) is my brand new monogrammed school bag from C. Wonder (yes, I shelled out the extra $10 for the monogram because why not? #treatyoself). I’ve only recently started looking at their site, and I love everything they offer! I was actually inspired by Madison Lane, another fashion blogger who has the most adorable style blog. You guys should definitely check it out!







More exciting news: now that I am no longer at home, I have a new photographer! Her name is Alix, and I met her through STITCH, Northwestern’s fashion magazine for which we are both on the exec board (she is the photography editor). I am so lucky to have her photograph my outfits because she really understands fashion well and is an incredibly skilled portrait and fashion photographer. You should definitely check out her website and go like her on Facebook!

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