My Ralph Lauren Steal

by Jen White

Photos by Alix Kramer

Photos by Alix Kramer

dress: Ralph Lauren // shoes: Vince Camuto // necklace: Francesca’s // rings: Forever 21 // sunglasses: Forever 21 // nail color: Essie in “Bahama Mama”

I am so excited to share my brand new Ralph Lauren dress with you guys! I found this at Cida’s Consignment back home in Winter Park on Park Ave. (the really nice shopping area). It was only $25, which is absolutely ridiculous because it fit me perfectly and was probably originally a lot more expensive. It also had the original tags on it. What?!

I’ve had these shoes for a while, and they were the perfect match for this dress. They’re also super comfy (I mean, as comfortable as heels can get). My Francesca’s statement necklace added a bit of color and tied everything together.

I’m definitely looking forward to wearing this dress to a formal or date night!



This is my friend Jesse who just happened to walk by as Alix was taking my picture. So fabulous.

This is my friend Jesse who just happened to walk by as Alix was taking my picture. So fabulous.





Life updates: The first week of fall quarter is over! It’s so weird to think about the fact that I really only have three more quarters left while all of my friends are still in junior year mode.

Today is homecoming at VMI, and it’s the first year that I haven’t been there with Dylan (my boyfriend). There are couples all over the place and I’m so sad that I’m not there right now. ): Ring Figure, the dance and ceremony that accompanies him receiving his class ring, is at the end of November, and flying there twice in one quarter was just a lot to ask of my parents. I’m trying to distract myself with work, but at the same time I’m really really missing him.

But I’m loving my classes, and I know that this quarter is going to be an awesome one!

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