Weekly Sunshine: Good Energy is Contagious

by Jen White

Designed by Jen White

Designed by Jen White

Hi guys! I realized that I hadn’t made a weekly sunshine post in a while, so here’s one for a beautiful (yet cold) Sunday morning.

I came across this quote on Pinterest, and it really made me smile. This week has had a lot of ups and downs for me – I filled out my petition to graduate earlier this week and had sort of a panic attack as it kind of set in that this really is my last year of college. I realized that there are so many things that I still want to do and accomplish while I’m in college, and that time is slipping away so quickly.

Also: having a single room this year is awesome, but it’s also kind of an obstacle for me. I love having my alone time, but sometimes it turns into too much alone time, and then I end up upset because I haven’t been around people enough. So that’s something I’ve been working on, and the second half of my week was much better for it.

I’ve learned that not only is good energy contagious to others around you (sometimes a smile and a “how are you?” can literally make someones’ day), but it can also be contagious to yourself. If I focus more on the positive things that are happening in my life (like the fact that it’s looking more and more feasible for me to spend my summer in NYC), then I’ll be in the mindset to see the sunny side of things that go wrong.

If I’ve learned one thing from being a college student, it’s that happiness is something that you need to make for yourself. It’s awesome to have things in your life that make you happy (take Dylan for instance – he makes me smile every day), but when it comes down to it, if you allow the world control over your emotions, then you won’t ever be content with yourself.

Life updates: In other news, I just bought the new Adobe Creative Cloud subscription through Northwestern – and it came out to only a little over $10 a month which is an insanely low price considering all of the amazing programs that come with the subscription. I now have TypeKit which I’m SO excited to explore, and I’ve been working on migrating my portfolio from Wix to Behance (it’s kind of Adobe’s portfolio/social networking platform for artists and designers). I’ll post a link for you guys once it’s completely finished!

STITCH Applications are due tonight so I’m looking forward to reading over those and adding a few new members to the design team! I’m also applying to a student-run marketing firm on campus called Form & Function because I want to get as much design experience as I can before I go on my Journalism Residency.

Alix and I just shot another batch of outfits for you guys, so look out for those in the coming days! ❤

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