Transitioning from Summer: Stripes & Socks

by Jen White

Photos by Alix Kramer

Photos by Alix Kramer

dress: Forever 21 // scarf: from Morocco // socks: Forever 21 // boots: Vince Camuto // bracelet: Plato’s Closet // bag: C. Wonder // sunglasses: Forever 21

Fall is (semi) here! I had originally paired this look with a jacket, but I realized as soon as I went outside that I really didn’t need it. It’s been in the high 50s/low 60s in Evanston recently, and that is a confusing time when it comes to choosing your outfit for the day. So this look is a little “how-to” in transitioning a summer piece to early fall.

You guys have seen this dress before here – but it looks completely different with this fall styling. The deep red of the scarf (which was a gift from Dylan! He studied abroad in Morocco and brought it back for me!) and the olive green of the socks tone down the preppy, summery stripes of the dress. My Vince Camuto lace-up heels add a little twist (I love how they’re basically heels but they’re comfy enough to wear to class.)

The sparkly deep brown leather bracelet and my go-to Forever 21 sunglasses added the finishing touches. What do you think?








Life updates: I’m going to my ultimate frisbee team’s first tournament of the season this weekend! We’re leaving for Milwaukee tonight (thank god it’s a sub-2-hour road trip) and I couldn’t be any more excited. There’s something awesome about leaving campus – people call it the “Northwestern Bubble” and that is such an accurate statement. Getting away from that bubble helps me leave my problems, stresses, and especially homework behind and allows me to focus on playing well and achieving my goals for the weekend.

Although this may not make sense to you guys if you’re not familiar with frisbee, my goals this weekend are to make a successful pull in a game, remember and use the handler sets accurately, and throw/complete a huck. I’ll try to get some pictures from the weekend for you guys, but for now, here’s a picture my sorority took with our poster (made by yours truly) this past week for Women’s Empowerment Week! Can you spot me and my huge scarf?


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