Tribal & Cream

by Jen White

Photos by Alix Kramer

Photos by Alix Kramer

sweater: Urban Outfitters // vest: J. Crew Factory // leggings: Lululemon // boots: Minnetonka // bag: C. Wonder // sunglasses: Forever 21 // earrings: Kate Spade

Hello wonderful people! It’s been a tad longer between posts this time because school/midterm season/papers are all coming at me really hard right now. But I had a little down time on this beautiful Sunday morning to share this new look with you guys!

It’s most definitely getting a lot colder here, and I’m so sad that my beautiful green ivy wall won’t last forever! The heat in our house has turned on, so that means it’s time to get serious about the sweaters.

I love this geometric sweater I found at Urban Outfitters – I purposefully bought a size up from what I usually wear so it could be roomy and comfy. I love that coral pop of color (even in the fall I like to at least have a little color going on!) and my J. Crew quilted vest went perfectly with the creamy stitching in the sweater.

I treated myself to these Minnetonka moccasins at the end of last year and they always make me so happy when I’m walking to class. The fringe has beautiful movement – I always love days when I wear these.








Life updates: There are so many of them that I think I’ll have to break them up into different sections!

Ultimate frisbee: So far, my team has competed in two different tournaments this fall, one in Milwaukee and one in Iowa. Tournament weekends are my favorite because I love getting out of the “Northwestern bubble” and being able to focus an entire weekend on my sport and not my mountain of work. I also love traveling with my teammates/best friends – they never fail to put a smile on my face. This past tournament in Ames, Iowa had such beautiful weather! I’m going to miss that when I’m freezing my toes off in the winter.


This is me and my friend S’More! (We all have nicknames on the team – mine is Skittles. Maybe I’ll tell the story someday on here!)

My new portfolio: Here’s a link to my brand new design portfolio! I use this to show current/potential design clients my work and *hopefully* to impress a company enough with my design skills to get an internship this summer. Updates on the search hopefully coming soon. Feel free to check it out and of course let me know if you have a design project!

Screen Shot 2014-11-02 at 11.21.07 AM

Project Scare: This past Halloweekend, my sorority Alpha Phi held our annual fall philanthropy event called “Project Scare.” We turn the Sigma Alpha Epsilon house (a frat on campus) into a creepy haunted house, and charge $5 for entry to be donated to a different charity each year. This year it’s Y.O.U. Evanston, check out the amazing things they do for our community here. The theme was Cirque du Scream, so we all dressed up like clowns/cannibal victims and scared people all weekend. Last night was the final night, and I got tons of pictures. I think the creepy clown look really works for me, how about you?

This is my friend Jennie and I dressed up as cannibal clowns. I went a little crazy with the blood, but hey! It was Halloween.

This is my friend Jennie and I dressed up as cannibal clowns. I went a little crazy with the blood, but hey! It was Halloween.

Since I'm the Vice President of Marketing for APhi, I get to paint all of our event banners! Here's the one advertising Project Scare.

Since I’m the Vice President of Marketing for APhi, I get to paint all of our event banners! Here’s the one advertising Project Scare.

Life in general: It’s been great! I’m staying busy, which is very important to me being happy and keeping positive as it’s getting colder. I have a meeting scheduled with my adviser later on this month to talk about my petition to graduate next year (December of 2015! Literally a year from now I will be a college grad. How crazy is that?) Fall is beautiful (I feel like I’ve used that word a lot in this post but LIFE IS JUST BEAUTIFUL!) and the leaves against the green grass are so gorgeous that I’ve been stopping and taking pictures everywhere around campus.

If it were like this year round, I'd have 0 complaints.

If it were like this year round, I’d have 0 complaints.

Less than three weeks until I get to see Dylan at the Ring Figure ceremony and dance! I can’t wait. I feel like jumping around my room every time I think about it.

Many many thanks to anyone who made it all the way through this post – this is why I need to post more often so I don’t have to overwhelm you guys with all the things I’m doing right now. Thanks so much for reading, I appreciate it! So excited for some new November looks coming soon!

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