About Me

Hey guys! I’m Jen, and I’m a rising junior at the Medill School of Journalism at Northwestern University. Although I go to school in Chicago, my home and heart will always will be in Orlando. Fashion is a huge part of my life – I worked for two summers at Plato’s Closet (a clothing resale store) and pretty much my entire paycheck went right back into the store. I constantly document my outfits, for myself and my friends to see.  I’m obsessed with fashion bloggers – The College Prepster and Song of Style are my favorites – and I’ve always wanted to try writing a fashion blog as a hobby. I got lucky with my photographer – my little brother just took a photo class and is never satisfied with even the perfect photo – he’s amazing.

This blog is going to be centered around fashion, but with other smaller focuses as well. I want to be a graphic designer once I graduate, so I’m going to do a weekly sunshine post of a quote I designed. I also am a typography nerd, so I’m sure that will come out at some point as well. Other things I’m excited to share with you guys are things like DIY projects, playlists and just general life updates. I’m excited to see where this blog goes, inspire myself and other people and bring some sunshine into the world!